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My…Basic Science Website Links

March 18, 2009

This is just a quick post for everyone who is in Basic Sciences right now. 

In terms of preparing for Pathology and General learning the website Webpath is great. It has lots of images and also question banks on the various topics. It is great to use when you are studying pathology to gauge the progress you have been making and to figure out what area’s you need to focus on.

For Pharmacology Tulane’s Website has a great set of questions which are really helpful to review before exams.

More and more imaging seems to be coming into the boards thus Learning Radiology is worth a quick look at and if you are really keen on radiology there is always the Caseinpoint from the ACR.


My Labetalol…For USMLE Hypertensive Crisis

March 12, 2009

This is a response to a fellow blogger who has USMLE step 1 coming up soon. I have written a new page with some advice on the days and weeks leading up to the exam: The weeks before the exam. Hope this helps and good luck.

My notes…from the operating theatre

September 7, 2008

I guess first and foremost if I had to tell you one thing about the OR it would be don’t skip lunch if you can avoid it. Lets just say it get’s hot under the theatre lights and that it’s a lot easier to deal with if you’re well fed.

Having first really read about scrubbing (the cleaning of hands and arms and donning sterile gloves and gowns for surgery) from Sid Schwab over at surgeon’s blog having a working concept of the surgical field going in made things so much clearer. When I first started thinking about it I was a little nervous. Then when I was actually learning how to do it for the first time then I was excited. Eventually to me it was like extended careful hand washing.  I guess I felt in a similar way about what would happen after the scrubbing and went through a similar progression in how I felt about it.

When I was cutting sutures I was told by the Consultant(=Attending): “Cutting sutures is a thankless job, whatever you do you are bound to get it wrong either the ends will be too long or too short”. At the time mine were too long

Everyone who does laproscopic surgery will ask you what gas they insufflate it’s carbon dioxide and not air which has oxygen and would be flammable with cautery. Now you know I guess.

My notes…from the wards

September 6, 2008

I had thought what I would do was have a guide or list of things to keep in mind for the wards instead I think I will put them into some notes which for the moment I will make as individual posts. 

In order not to leave you empty handed with my first post here is a short one:   Clinicians on the wards seem to like it when you approach a question you don’t know the answer to by taking things back to first principles, it also gives you a good chance to think.

My First… Third Year Post

May 12, 2008

The whole end of second year the professors would tell us: You will be out on the wards soon or remember this when you are on the wards. When you are working your way through second year you almost don’t believe it and then you have your final day.

Your first day on the wards. All you know is what speciality you are starting in. It’s like starting a new job except it isn’t a job you are a medical student. You are in a new place and you don’t really know where anything is. What you don’t know is that is also the feeling of being in any hospital which is new to you. You don’t know what forms they use or where they keep the blood drawing equipment. So for the first time along with all the practical aspects of working with and looking after patients you also learn the hospital you are in the system and hopefully make it easier for things to get done.

My…Step 1 log

March 19, 2008

Sorry I have been so quiet. I blame board studying for my absence. Now that I have a little more time I felt I could share some of my thoughts about preparing for that exam.

My…End of term review

December 14, 2007

All I can really think to say is the first two years of medical school went by very quickly. One minute you are packing your bags to go out there and the next you are trying to decide which things you will be able to bring back.

At the end of the first year I did a little review of all the courses and I will now do so for the second year:

• Term 3

o Behavioural Science (Introduction to human development)
o Biostats & Epidemiology (Evidence Based Medicine)
o Juris & Ethics (Information about the practice of medicine)

• Term 4

o Microbiology (Combined with parasitology this covers the infectious causes of disease)
o Pathology (The process, mechanism, events and characteristics of disease)
o ACS 1 (Introduction to the art of physical diagnosis)

• Terms 5 & 6

o Pharmacology (The different medicines available)
o Pathophysiology (Clinically focused review of first and second years)
o ACS 2 (Introduction to the practical application of what was learnt in ACS 1)