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Skype: My Rant and My Rave

January 25, 2006

I will start by saying if you haven’t used skype yet give it a try along with google earth it’s one of the coolest things to hit the net since the visual web browser.

Now for my rant: The quality of phone call you get is dependent on the speed and number of users of your internet connection, which now that I’m out in halls in grenada and everyone gets of class the same time and want to hit the net means that calling during the evening is a painful but free (or very cheap) experience. This means that early morning calls can be as clear as a whistle.

Now for my rave: You can call other people who have a net connection and some kind of audio input/output device for free for as long as you can stay up and as long as your computer can stay powered(for us laptop users). Think about that you pick up that mobile and call someone in the same country as you and you get a bill at the end of the month. I make an hour call home and get the piece of mind of knowing that technology I’ve already paid for is saving me from long distance rates.

Right now I just got off a poorly connected call but I’m sure to be in the rave section again soon and I’m sure all of you who have heard from me over the phone are in the rave section as skype was the link that allowed us to talk to one another.

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