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Campus living

January 29, 2006

It’s pretty easy for me to forget that living on a campus is a completely new experience for me. From an everyday point of view it’s not very different from being in the centre of london in that you are able to walk to the things you want. It even seems to have some perks the school also has housing on the beach and this housing is between the school and a few supermarkets. The school runs a ‘free’ bus along the route so getting to the supermarket and the beach is really easy. It only starts to get a bit sketchy if you want to go to the cinema (haven’t found one yet. But to be honest between studying, enjoying the outside activities(going to the beach, playing basketball, looking at the stars), Going to the Gym, Spending time with friends; I hardly notice it’s absence. As far as how things are looking a little further ahead we have a whole day off on the 7th of Feb and then the much talked about unified quiz on the 13th of Feb. I hope everyone is doing well and I might send off a batch of emails next week(I have to study), thats what happens when you guys wait too long to write to me! (Thanks to all those who have been in touch recently).

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