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Third week update

February 3, 2006

Okay so today is the end of our third week of classes, in other words we have been in Grenada for almost 4 weeks. I don’t really have an update about the owner of the toothbrush found in our room. We are safe and well just a little worried as to the origin of it. I know I haven’t really written any entries in the last few days. It’s very easy to get absorbed into what you are doing and make little or no contact with the outside world for a while. At the moment that mostly envolves going to classes and labs and making real efforts to be active. Some of you would hardly belive the amount of time I have been spending outdoors. The weather and scenary are so pleasent and provide a much needed counterpoint to the work. Next tuesday is a national holiday which should be nice so I’m looking forward to that. I might not really get those emails I was talking about out this week (I have to do some studying). But that’s no reason not to send me one. I’m trying to think of any stories that come to mind from this week. I think in that respect this week has been pretty dull. Around this place I’m sure to be meeting new people all the way until the end of study but I picked up a few more names this week. I hope you are all well and enjoying yourselves and who knows I might be able to fit in a weekend entry.

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