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Question from a prospective student…..

February 10, 2006

…..Hey Super2,How is the work load so far and is adjusting to life down there hard?

First I just want to say that I decided to answer this question on here because the answer might be helpful to someone else as well.

I think I will answer the second part first: I am fininding life down here wonderful I love the change of pace, being able to wake up in the morning and see the blue of the sea, having classes just a short walk up the hill, having the gym even closer, Pretty much knowing what the weather will be like without having to think about it, the opportunity to meet so many new and diverse people. I could go on but I think you get the idea.
However what I want to say is there are things I’ve missed and are missing these will be different to other people just the same as my degree to tolerate them. I miss my friends and family. I miss not having internet in my room so I either have to sit in the hallway with mosquitoes(they don’t have malaria, they just leave lots of bites) or go up to the computer room which they keep uncomfortably cold. I miss not knowing what will be in the supermarket before you get there( one of the lessons I learnt from reading other peoples postings on the web is if you see something you want at the supermarket you better get it now! It might not be there tomorrow). Again I could go on but for me I see these as temporary things that will be behind me soon enough and that it’s better for me to focus on what is around me here.

My Answer to the first part might seem a bit lacking. To be perfectly honest I think it’s a pretty hard question to answer so I might just duck under it for a bit but I will give you some links given to us in study skills sessions we’ve had which might be helpful. I think the key to your question is really about knowing how you learn best and then making sure that you are taking advantage of the learning resources which are available. Here are the learning styles descriptions :

  • Learning Styles Descriptions
  • and 44 page online quiz if you want to try and see where you fall:

  • Learning Styles Quiz
  • I want to finish by saying they don’t just sign you up, give you books, give you lectures and then just tell you to get on with it. For the most part there is alot more support and guidance out there if you look for it. There is a department of educational services which arranges for students in the term above to teach review classes in the four disciplines also Anatomy and Histology who run labs keep them open and accessible on non lab days and weekends for you to go in and study they are also staffed for most of this open study time. I could go on and probably will if more questions turn up. Right know I have to go get reay for anatomy lab.

    I hope this is useful, let me know.

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    1. dibasic permalink*
      February 1, 2007 9:40 pm

      Actually as mentioned elsewhere on the site we now have the internet in most of the dorms on campus

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