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Lower Glucose…

March 8, 2006

…you guys should have seen this coming the ads appearing on my site seem to have changed a little since I did my little bit on the biochem midterm. Now I’m pretty busy studying for the Histology midterm tomorrow. However one of my new ads disturbed me I haven’t had a chance to read the site but they claim to make a “medicine” which just ‘controls’ your blood sugar. (Actually insulin together with glucagon do control blood sugar depending on receptor sensitivy) Diabetes Mellitus is one of our topics we are doing this year and we will have some lectures on it later on but as far as I know no ‘cure’ has been relased as of yet so caveat emptor as far a diabeticine goes(N.B. I was too busy to read the whole site so this could be the real deal and in some kind of strange coincidence only be available on the internet like most of the most needed cures of degenerative diseases, they do say something about curing the root cause of diabetes)…this is the space I’m leaving to give you a histology intro, but I’d rather get more sleep so you will have to use your imaginations: There are 4 basic tissue types: epitheial, nervous, muscle and connective tissue out of which various systems are then constructed…I know I probably shouldn’t have poked the bear in this case known as advertisers, I couldn’t help myself (I know someone is bound to point out this rant post is most likely to increase the number of ads for ‘cures’ which apppear on my blog).But please don’t let that stop you clicking on the google ads at the top, I mean thatI really appriciate it when you do.

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  1. Zain permalink
    March 8, 2006 6:39 pm

    There was an ad for Stratagene, no less! Impressive.

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