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My…Off Campus Restaurant Reviews, Grenada

November 4, 2006

I have put the restaurants into different categories £ , ££ and £££ (£1~$2 USD, this scale is based on each £ sign representing increasing units e.g. ££= ten’s of pounds) The ratings are based on my memory of what the price for two people. Ratings are based on personal preference: *, **, ***, **** (one star= I would eat there again if I was very hungry, two stars= I would eat there again if I was hungry, three stars = I would eat there again for a treat, four stars=I would eat there again for a special treat). The hotel restaurants usually require you to call ahead of time to make a booking. You will find when you actually go and eat that they are not full or overly busy.Another review

£($$) Student Food

Bananas (True Blue)**
They are just around the corner from campus. Very popular place, they also deliver which is a major plus. It can be a little stuffy inside the restaurant as they are pretty much inland. Also for a very view you get to look at the road.

Da Big Fish(True Blue) **
Only eaten here once.
The place seemed nice enough, also pretty close to campus. I don’t think it’s quite as popular as Bananas but it tries. Not much else to say no major complaints

La Boulangerie(Grand Anse) **
Again very popular. Lots of pasta and pizza (thin crust) dishes. If you are not in the mood for either then you should probably give it a miss.

Grill Master (Spiceland Mall) **
A lot of food for a low price, if you select carefully. The seating is foodcourt style and the same and right next too Chopsticks(see below)

Chopsticks(Spiceland Mall) *
Only eaten here once.
It was a while ago and I didn’t find the dish I had to my liking. I’m not used to chow mein having a very thick and crispy noodle. Like I said these reviews are geared to my taste.

Rick’s Pizza and Grill (Grand Anse Mall) ***
One of the many contenders for best pizza on the island. I’m not sure if I have the answer to that one. But if you are in the mood for pizza it’s worth a try. Some seating inside the store, some inside the mall and a few seats outside. Good for a quick bite.

££($$$) Wallet Stretcher

Le Chataeu (Grand Anse) **
Nice place for a sit down meal. The location and view aren’t excellent (It is build on the corner of a road and has roadside views on both sides with open mesh wooden frame). But overall I find that of the ** places I enjoyed eating here the most.

La Belle Creole (Grand Anse) ****
This restaurant is based in the sister hotel of the Spice Island Beach Resort(see below) : Blue Horizons. I have to say that I liked the Restaurant here better. It’s not on the beach But it is higher up and you get a nice breeze flowing through. It is also smaller which gives it a more homely/personal feel as compared to the wide open dining area at Spice Island. No booking required. The food was good and the atmosphere was very nice and brought me back for my second visit which I enjoyed more than the first. Ask them if they have the homemade coconut ice cream for desert!

£££($$$$) Good Place to have your parents buy you dinner 🙂

The Beach House **
Only eaten here once.
I know a lot of people who like this place. Personally I felt they were a little too gourmet restaurant like for me. I don’t always have a starter(I usually find I am full after having it and then find myself unable to finish my main course), I felt the main course portion was very small and I went home hungry.

Oliver’s @ Spice Island Beach Resort ***
Don’t get me wrong this is a nice restaurant it’s just that. I prefer the experience at Rhodes over it and if I was in the area of Spice Island Beach then I would prefer La Belle Creole over it too. Having said that the location and view are excellent the restaurant looks out over Grand Anse Beech and that provides a nice cool breeze. The eating area is wide and spacious and there are no real dividing walls which adds to that feeling. The food itself was good.

Rhodes @ The Calabash Hotel (Lance Aux Epines) ****
Only eaten here once.
Gary Rhodes restaurant does not disappoint. The set up of the hotel was very similar to Spice Land Beach Resort. The Food did pretty much live up to the hype. There was nice spacious feel to the place and it was open to the air with a fair breeze although it was quite warm. Also I don’t remember seeing any water but I did feel like I could hear it.

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