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My…”So you want to write your own episode of house guide”

December 3, 2007

Sorry if this seems unoriginal:

  I hear that most of the professional writers of various television shows have gone on strike. When I was thinking about the show House it occurred to me just how much most episodes seem to follow the formula.

The formula=

Some people are going about every day life the one you think is going to be the patient is just a distractor for the one who really is the patient.

House finds the case himself or someone has to coerce him to take the case.

He refuses to see the patient and starts coming up with ideas based on the few symptoms he’s collected.

He sends his team to run some tests which most often come back inconclusive.

He refuses to see the patient and decides that they have some disease (basically they pick one at random, as long as it’s not lupus) they then start treating the paitent for this condition. As the patient doesn’t have that disease they invariably get worse at this point or have an unexpected side effect which points away from the disease they thought the patient had.

House refuses to see the patient and either has the team just shoot off ideas or decides that they have to give leathal doses of medicines to the patient to see how quickly they are dying in order to tell what disease they have (I’m not aware of that principle in medicine).

Round about this point most of the patients give up and start refusing the more dangerous and unsupported treatments.

House then goes to see the patient, he lies, tricks or manipulates them into following his course.

Just as the show is about to end House will be talking to someone or doing something when he has a Eureka moment and “cracks” the diagnosis. The patient is saved (mostly) and everyone goes about like nothing ever happened.

Oh and I almost forgot he or his team break into the patients house practically every episode

Now you have the formula I’m sure that many internet users with the time and the interest could write a script for House which would be familiar to most who have seen the show

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