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My…End of term review

December 14, 2007

All I can really think to say is the first two years of medical school went by very quickly. One minute you are packing your bags to go out there and the next you are trying to decide which things you will be able to bring back.

At the end of the first year I did a little review of all the courses and I will now do so for the second year:

• Term 3

o Behavioural Science (Introduction to human development)
o Biostats & Epidemiology (Evidence Based Medicine)
o Juris & Ethics (Information about the practice of medicine)

• Term 4

o Microbiology (Combined with parasitology this covers the infectious causes of disease)
o Pathology (The process, mechanism, events and characteristics of disease)
o ACS 1 (Introduction to the art of physical diagnosis)

• Terms 5 & 6

o Pharmacology (The different medicines available)
o Pathophysiology (Clinically focused review of first and second years)
o ACS 2 (Introduction to the practical application of what was learnt in ACS 1)

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